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From the Keyboard of Dean Frazier
(ex-traffic cop, very ex...)
Tuesday 2pm

Dear frustrated motorist,

If you’ve recently received a speeding ticket and you’d like to learn the proven “insider” secrets on how to beat the system…before it beats you…and avoid paying those expensive fines, surcharges, court costs and increased automobile insurance rates, then you’re absolutely going to love what I’m about to reveal.

Here’s why…

As an ex-traffic cop with over 14 years experience writing tickets, investigating accidents and spending countless hours in court testifying against drivers just like you, I’ve learned quite a few things about the legal system…especially when it comes to speeding tickets.

And if you’ll give me just three minutes of your time, I’ll show you how you can get your hands on the most comprehensive and proven, A to Z system for easily beating any speeding ticket you get…no matter where you live or how fast you were driving.

The Police Department Cash Cow

Speeding tickets are an absolute “cash cow” for police departments, local & state governments and the courts. And if you think police departments spend all that money on expensive speed radars and lasers just to keep drivers “safe”

Think again…

Understand that police departments, courts and local government want police to write tickets for one reason: to make them money!

Think about it:

         Why else would officers have quotas for how many tickets they have to write everyday?

         Why are so many police departments constantly spending more and more money to increase the size of their traffic units in a down economy like ours?

         And why the in the world are the big insurance companies giving out FREE radar units to police departments across the country like they’re candy?

The answer is simple: traffic tickets are an enormous, never-ending, predictable source of revenue for everyone involved.

The proceeds from tickets pay for more cops (to write more tickets)…they create more jobs in the court house (to handle more and more traffic ticket cases)……and speeding tickets line the pockets of the greedy insurance company because once you pay your speeding ticket, they will hike up your insurance premiums with a big smile on their face.

It’s a vicious money-cycle that can’t be stopped!

And why should it??? When you take into consideration that a whopping 97% of ticketed motorist simply pull out their checkbook and pay, you start to understand why it is that police departments are constantly adding more and more traffic cops to their traffic squads.

Don’t Become Another Speeding Ticket Victim

You heard me right…97% of people that get speeding tickets simply pull out their wallets, grumble under their breath and mail in their fines without question.

That’s right…a whopping 97% of speeding ticket victims simply pay their fines…without any kind of fight whatsoever.

Don’t be one of them…

It is a fact. A single speeding ticket with a fine of $75, will actually cost you well over $1,000 in surcharges, fees and increases to your automobile insurance premium.

The fact is, however, that when you are “armed” with the right information, you can easily walk into court, use one or more of the dozens of proven “bullet-proof” speeding ticket defenses, and walk out just minutes later with your case dismissed, including…

         No fines…

         No court costs…

         No attorney fees…

         No points on your driving record…

         No increases on your insurance rates…

You Can Beat Your Speeding Ticket
But You’ve Got to be Ready

Let’s make this crystal clear with an example:

Imagine This Is Your Trial: 
What Will You Say?

This is how the evidence against you will be presented in court.
(Radar evidence is used as the example.)

Officer Stone is sworn in, takes the stand and testifies to the following.

  • He identifies both you and your car
  • He clocked you on radar; you were clocked at 48 in a 30 mph zone.
  • He tested the radar gun three ways:
  1. He pressed the button for the internal circuit test and it tested ok

  2. He tested it with a 30 mph and 50 mph tuning fork as per manufacturer’s manual and it tested as being accurate.

  3. Office Jones drove by his location as a test at 30 MPH and 50 MPH. Officer Stone’s radar gun readings agreed with Officer Jones’ readings on his speedometer. 

  • Officer Stone has been on the force for 12 years, was trained on the unit two years ago and recently had a refresher course. 

  • The prosecution rests its case, and smirks at you knowing that...

"Your Goose Is Cooked!"

    Now it is your turn to ask the officer questions.

    If you have the "Speeding Ticket Fixer", you know the correct legal questions to ask and...

You Can Win This Above Exact Case, 
And Cook Their  Sorry Goose!

    You will be able to print out the relevant case law and exact questions you need to ask the police officer. Sometimes, it only takes a few questions before the prosecutor realizes his evidence won't hold up.

    Know what happens then?

    The prosecution will motion for dismissal rather than waste any more time. 
You WIN!


You see, with only 3% of speeding ticket victims appearing in court to fight their tickets, the cops and prosecutors are usually caught off guard when someone like you walks in ready to fight.

Take it from me, the last thing any cop wants is to spend their off-duty time in court (and that’s why we don’t show up 40% of the time). And the last thing a busy prosecutor wants is to deal with you and your measly speeding ticket.

And if you think a high-paid judge wants to sit there bored out of his mind, listening to you and the prosecutor argue about a speeding ticket, then you are sadly mistaken.

Trust me, the judges and prosecutors have “bigger fish to fry” and if you can come into court with a sound reason for dismissing your case, they will be more than ready to cut you a deal or dismiss your case outright…on the spot!

But you’ve got to have all your ducks in a row…

You see, they will put on the trial and go after you if you can’t give them sound, legal reasons for NOT doing so. And to do that, you’ve got to be ready!

Imagine walking into the courtroom “armed & ready” with proven methods that are 100% guaranteed to get you the results you want…

         Without paying for a lawyer…

         Even if you know you were speeding…

         Even if you’ve never beat a speeding ticket before…

         Even if you don’t know anything about the legal system…

You can do this…but you need the right “tools.” And if you’re good & ready to take a stand and get the right tools in your hand, you can do so right here—right now exclusively on this website.


Speeding Ticket Fixer:
The Insider’s Guide to Beating Your
Speeding Ticket Every Time!


Speeding Ticket Fixer is the ultimate resource for the average person to walk into any courtroom in the country and walk out with their speeding ticket dismissed…and I mean ANY speeding ticket…it doesn’t matter if the ticket is the result of radar, laser, VASCAR, aerial, pacing, or photo radar.

I will show you how to “beat” them all…

Unlike so many other ”copy cats” out there, Speeding Ticket Fixer doesn’t employ any gimmicks or goofy tricks…these things do nothing but embarrass you and get you laughed out of the courtroom.

Prosecutors aren’t going to be “tricked” by you. If you want your speeding ticket dismissed, then you’ve got to take it seriously!

Everything in the Speeding Ticket Fixer guide is based on sound legal arguments, proven legal tactics and established case law the courts just can’t ignore.

In fact, when armed with the information in Speeding Ticket Fixer, you’re going to be taken seriously because you’ll be a feared force that the prosecutor doesn’t stand a chance against. And he’ll know it right away.

No matter what type of speeding ticket you received, you’re
going to have every resource possible to beat that ticket

I'm so sure this guide will save you a TON of money on fines, surcharges, court fees and rising insurance rates... so sure it'll make you virtually “bullet proof” when dealing with the prosecutor and the courts... that if you're not completely thrilled with it (for ANY reason) I won't even ask you to pay for it and...

You can keep the guide
with my compliments

I’ll tell you more about this “can’t lose” offer in a second…but first, here are just a few of the “secrets” you’ll find inside…

      A single page document (that I will give you) that when you show it to the court, you’ll practically have the prosecutor tripping over himself to dismiss your case

      Specific, proven defenses for virtually every type of speeding ticket—everything is covered!

      How to get all the documents you need prior to court so that you know exactly what the cop and prosecution are up to

      Learn what to say when the officer fails to show for court (25-40% of the time) and how to make sure the judge dismisses your case instead of continuing it

      Dozens of questions to ask the officer on the stand that will quickly render him an incompetent witness, giving the prosecution and the judge no other alternative but to dismiss your case on the spot

      How to have your laser speeding ticket dismissed on the spot by simply asking for this one thing (that the prosecution will not be able to produce)

      Dozens of ways to get your ticket dismissed without testifying or cross examining the officer

      Discover “insider” dismissal strategies that even some of the country’s top attorneys don’t know about, but that savvy attorneys are using all the time to get cases dismissed without argument

      How to use your ticket against the officer who wrote it

      Learn the truth about photo radar and how to deal with them WITHOUT ever going to court or talking to anyone

      Sneaky ways to make your case so expensive for the prosecution to continue that he’ll drop your case like a hot rock

      Learn the mistakes that most people make when representing themselves and how to avoid them

      The easy way to have laser speeding tickets dismissed on the spot—this works nearly 95% of the time

      Clever ways to turn your case into a “big deal” that the prosecution will have no alternative but to dismiss it

      Discover the two top studies that prove the radar is riddled with errors and how to use this information to get your case dismissed

      And much, much more!

Speeding Ticket Fixer isn’t some cheap, hastily thrown together guide written by someone that doesn’t have a clue. This guide was researched and written by a real-life cop that spent over 14 years writing speeding tickets and learning the tips, tricks and secrets of real-life prosecutors and defense attorneys.

You see, I’ve seen “first hand” what it takes to beat a speeding ticket. I’ve seen prosecutors buckle under the same solid defenses I placed into this guide…and I’ve seen speeding ticket victims lose cases they should have easily won, simply because they didn’t have the tips, tricks and secrets that are jam-packed into the Speeding Ticket Fixer guide.

“This is the information that the cops, courts and
prosecutors don’t want you to know about because
it “turns the tables” on them and shows you exactly
how to beat them at their own sneaky little games…”


Once You Pay a Speeding Ticket,
Your Trouble Has Only Just Begun

Once you pay your ticket, you’ve admitted that you’re guilty! And believe me when I say, that is only the beginning. You see, a single $95 speeding ticket will end up costing you thousands in the long run in fines, surcharges, court fees, and insurance rate increases.

Understand that your “sneaky” insurance company is constantly checking up on you behind the scenes! And because you’ve admitted your guilt by paying your speeding ticket, they have every right to jack up your rates as much as they want to…

How’s that for loyalty?

Even if you know you were in the wrong…you’ve got to believe that the monetary punishment you’re going to suffer in the months and years to come by paying your ticket is just not fair. I mean really, does the punishment of speeding a little bit here and there (like everyone else does) really fit the crime?

Heck no it doesn’t!

The Best $20 Investment You’ll Ever Make See Just Some of The Contents Below



INTRODUCTION                                                            3

JAMMERS AND DETECTORS                                             5

WHAT DO I DO WHEN I’M STOPPED?                                8


PLAN AHEAD                                                               14

YOUR BASIC RIGHTS                                                   17

YOUR TIME IN COURT                                                  25

RADAR UNITS                                                             37


LASER                                                                       51

PHOTO RADAR                                                            53


PACING WITH ANOTHER VEHICLE                                  56

          Since a single speeding ticket can end up costing you hundreds of dollars in the long run, doesn’t it make wise financial sense to pay just $19.99 (one time) to get everything you need to know to put an end to the vicious, never-ending money-cycle?

That’s right, for less than a couple cups of coffee at your local Starbucks, you can get the #1 resource guide that the cops, courts and prosecutors don’t want you to read.

For less than a $20 bill, you can literally save yourself thousands of dollars in fines, fees, surcharges and skyrocketing insurance rates that are all a guarantee if you simply pay your ticket without a fight.

Paying your ticket makes absolutely no financial sense whatsoever. And in today’s economy, who’s got that kind of money to burn?

You will only see this opportunity here once then it's gone forever.


Take Advantage of my Iron-Clad,
100% No-Nonsense Guarantee

 The price of "Speeding Ticket Fixer" is only  $19.99 and you pay nothing else for shipping & handling or anything like that. The guide is available by instant download, so you can have it in your hands in less than two minutes from right now. Plus, Speeding Ticket Fixer comes with my special 60-days "can't lose" guarantee.

Here's how it works: If at ANY time during the next 60-days you decide this guide is not the single best resource you've ever seen for beating your speeding ticket and saving hundreds…even thousands of dollars in fines, fees and rising insurance costs...simply send me an email to let me know and I’ll promptly return your full  $19.99 (with no questions asked) and you can still keep the guide with my compliments.

It doesn’t get any more “risk free” than that…does it?

This puts ALL the pressure on me to deliver what I’ve promised, and lets you get the guide for free, if you choose to. Quite frankly, if my guide doesn’t deliver on everything I’ve promised, then I don’t deserve your money and quite frankly, I’d be embarrassed to keep it.


  Yes, Dean!

I'm Ready to get everything I need to
“beat” my speeding ticket today!

I understand that because I'm ordering Speeding Ticket Fixer today, I qualify for the discount price, so I pay just $19.99 instead of the advertised regular price.

I also understand that I can try Speeding Ticket Fixer completely risk free with your no-nonsense, no questions asked, full money back, 60-day guarantee and if it fails to impress me, I'll get full and prompt refund! Special price will finish on Midnight

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Speeding Ticket Now

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Order Now

But you do have to hurry!
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Wishing you a safe year on the roadway!

Dean Frazier

P.S. I urge you to fight your ticket and I promise you that once you get your hands on this extra guide, you’re going to have the ultimate “secret weapons” to guarantee your speeding ticket will be dismissed.




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